STANLEY J5C09 Review

Most of us have been to a scenario where you get into your car, turn the key and click, click, click. The dreaded dead battery! And it never happens when you have hours to spare. The STANLEY J5C09 power station comes handy in such scenarios.

Whether it’s extreme heat or cold or you simply left the lights on, batteries die for all sorts of reasons. The good news is most of them can be jumped back to life. The bad news is most people rely on the old method of jumping their battery with the help of jumper cables and another vehicle. But what if you don’t have either?

You don’t need to worry for Stanley JC509 1000 Jump Starter has the solution to your problem. The Stanley series jump starters allow you to jump your battery back to life without the need of another vehicle. These jump starters pack the power you need, from 600 peak amps all the way up to 1000 peak amps.


  • Huge battery capacity
  • Built-in air compressor
  • Easily accessible 12V DC power output port


  • Large and heavy
  • Few accessories, with no place to store them
  • Slides around when the engine starts

The Stanley series jump starters are simple to use. Simply hook the clamps to your battery, turn on the switch and start your vehicle. It’s also safe to use because you cannot hook it wrong. If you do, an audible alarm will sound reminding you to switch the clamps to the proper polarity.

Do you ever need portable power? Who doesn’t these days? The Stanley series jump starters has you covered with a USB power port and 12 volt DC outlet. So if the lights go out due to a weather emergency or you just need to charge your cell phone, tablet or laptop, you’re good to go. Portable power on the go!

Finally, charging your Stanley jump starters back up after use is a snap. All you need is a household extension cord and you’re set. Pull back the cover on the back of the jumper, plug in the extension cord and charge it until the LED indicator light turns green.

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STANLEY J5C09 Review – Verdict

The moment you had your first car, for sure, you already knew that there are responsibilities that will be inherent upon you. With this, it pays to be knowledgeable on how you can troubleshoot various problems, such as having a dead battery. In the case of the latter, one of the things that can be done would be jump starting.

This is often done by using a battery from another car. If there is no other car around, portable jump starters will save the day. With the STANLEY J5C09 Power Station is an example of the ideal solution to that need which you will face one day.

This device packs 500 amps of instant starting power, as well as 1000 peak amps, offering a convenient, portable way to jump-start your car battery without necessarily having to call someone else with the car to help you. All you need to do is connect the hook the clamps to your battery, turn on the switch and start your vehicle.

This jump starter also has a built-in USB port, highly useful if you need to charge your phone, and the 120-psi compressor can help with low tires for your Ancheer Electric Bike, basket ball or even car. With enough power to jump-start your car, truck, motorcycle, boat, RV or tractor, the Stanley Battery Jump Starter is ideal for everyday use or roadside emergencies

One of the things that makes this an exceptional choice is the fact that it is user-friendly. There is also no chance that you will be attaching the clamps on the wrong terminals. If in case you do, you can hear an audible alarm that will help you to switch it up. We do recommend this product for you.

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STANLEY J5C09 Review
STANLEY J5C09 Review
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