Deneve Portable Garment Steamer V2 Review

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Wrinkles can ruin even the best of days, talk of, a beautiful outfit or a nice shirt looking sloppy and your newest pants looking shabby. We have all invested in a good iron box, but as it turns out, traditional irons do not do the trick when it comes to some fabrics and styles. Plus, they take a long time. A garment steamer comes handy even on a morning rush to the office or meeting.

Now Deneve have in the market the Portable Garment Steamer V2, that is more effective and easy to use than ever.

So, what is a garment steamer? It’s simply a gadget that uses the power of steam to effectively relax the fibers in materials, which is quite different from irons that just flatten the material. In doing that, even the most delicate of material greatly benefit from steaming.

There are different sizes and styles to choose from, but Deneve’s Steamer V2, suffices as the most portable, functional and most gentle for most fabrics.

With a spacious 7-ounce tank, this Fabric Steamer provides up to ten minutes of continuous steaming, allowing you to obliterate even the majority of stubborn wrinkles. It gives you approximately 2-minute warm-up time, and I was able to pick up some stubborn wrinkles effortlessly.

In fact, I was amazed by the lightweight, balanced design that made the entire experience simple and timely. You’ll note that the compact, sleek design allows you to store the Garment Steamer in the tightest spaces, as well as take it with you on business trips, and the 9-foot power cord means you can reach anywhere.

Safety is another feature that was given priority in the Deneve Portable Garment Steamer V2. It is specially designed to shut off automatically if it overheats or the water level is too low. The power steamer is expressly manufactured to prevent tipping and spilling.

We liked th

  • Improved water tank and Spout to minimize hot water dangers.
  • Easy to use, light weight and balanced design.
  • Powerful 1000 watts of steam output for even the most stubborn wrinkles.
  • Newly crafted nozzle design allows steam to be distributed powerfully and consistently.
  • No additives are needed. Simple tap water is all you need to start using it for clothes.
  • Large 7-ounce tank gives you an astonishing 10 minutes of continuous steaming.
  • Automatic shut-off prevents the unit from overheating or getting too low on water.
  • The unique design prevents tipping and spilling.
  • No ironing board needed.
  • The included suction cup hanger is super useful.
  • The steamer is fast to start up. It takes about 1-2 minutes for the water to boil and bubble.
  • The included garment hook makes it easy to hand your clothes while steaming.
  • Includes a removable brush attachment and a travel garment holder with suction cup.

We didn’t like

  • The tank holds relatively a small amount of water as viewed by other people (7-ounces)
  • The water is very hot when in use and the water tends to condense and sometimes drip at the tip.
  • The type of clothing and fabric being steamed is very important, especially polyesters that have micro wrinkles.
  • Too much steam in one place may saturate and dampen the fabric considerably.
  • The condensation on the tip can leave water spots on the clothes so time is needed when finished to allow the clothing to dry.

Our opinion

With so many features, light weight design and unmatched portability, Deneve Portable Garment Steamer V2 is perhaps the most user-friendly steamer in the market. This is the fantastic choice for those purchasing a steamer for the first time. If you need larger capacity, let’s say more than the 7-ounces capacity, PurSteam’s Elite Garment Steam is worth a long look thanks to a larger, 61-ounces capacity that is ideal for some light commercial use. However, if all you need is a small steam, that is incredibly easy to use and clean and maintain, then the Portable Garment Steamer is going to stand the test of time.

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Deneve Portable Garment Steamer V2 Review
Deneve Portable Garment Steamer V2 Review
$19.99 $21.74
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