Hoover Sprint QuickVac (UH20040) Vacuum Review

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Most upright vacuum cleaners tend to cost more, but the Hoover Sprint QuickVac Bagless Upright Vacuum (UH20040) comes into the market for the budget buyer. Affordability notwithstanding, it still gets the surfaces cleaned, making it ideal for anyone in need of a light weight cleaner and don’t have a big area to clean.

Product Highlights

  • Multi-Cyclonic Technology– cyclones separate fine particles of dirt before reaching the filter.
  • 23-foot Power Cord– vacuum relatively large rooms without re-plugging
  • 3 Position Height Adjustment– adjustable nozzle for various floor types regardless of the surface
  • Cost-Effective Rinsable Filters – Filters can be rinsed with water and re-used to save money
  • Fabulous Filtration– multi-cyclonic filtration, rinsable primary filter and a high-quality final filter made with HEPA media
  • System Check Indicator– insures optimum cleaning if maintained
  • Stretch hose gives you up to 7ft of reach above the floor.

It sports a more compact, lightweight upright, design, the perfect match for most city dwellers. with city dwellers in mind. In addition to the light weight design, it features Multi-Cyclonic technology that separates fine particles of dirt before they reach the rinsable filter, allowing homeowners to clean filters less often.

It allows you clean more areas in your home faster without re-plugging, thanks to the 23-foot power cord. Here we’re looking at up to seven feet of above-the-floor cleaning reach, a removable cleaning wand and three floor height setting for every floor type.

Hoover Sprint

We were amazed by its ability to clean multiple floor types, by simply choosing one of the multiple height adjustment settings. A 5-foot cleaning hose with a removable cleaning wand allows you to easily transition to above the floor cleaning projects.

Cleaning the Filters

There are two filters inside. The primary filter located on top of the dirt canister needs to be washed once the performance indicator isn’t green anymore. You might have to wash it every 2 weeks or so, but this would depend on how much you use this and how dusty the area is.

The primary filter can be accessed by removing the canister. Do this by pressing a lever located on top of the handle. Once you’ve taken off the dirt cup, open the top cover by pulling another lever in front, pull out the filter then rinse under running water. Let it air dry for 24 hours before putting it back in.

There is a secondary filter located on the top of the base and needs to be cleaned on occasion. This can be accessed by turning the cover counterclockwise. Even though Hoover says it’s a HEPA filter, the manual says it can be washed. It isn’t very hard to remove but like what I said several times, you’ll have to empty this often if you’re cleaning a large area.

What we liked about it

  • Reasonably quiet for size and style of vacuum (weighs just 12.5 pounds)
  • Quiet during use, doesn’t make any disturbing noises even in a small apartment.
  • The suction is great, for wide-area cleaning.
  • 23-foot power cord. Provides good coverage.
  • Good vacuum from the Multi-Cyclonic technology.
  • Reusable washable filters.
  • For an upright it is lightweight weighing just 12.5 pounds
  • Has a HEPA filtration system at the end of the dirt
  • Primary filter is washable so this is cost saving in terms of running expenses
  • Wide 12.5 inch cleaning path
  • Versatile – comes with a wand plus crevice and brush tools

What we didn’t like about it

  • The normal L shaped pegs that you wrap the cord around are pretty small and the bottom one is very close to the attachments and the intake valves.
  • You’re supposed to disconnect the handle and then attach the hose to it and this is your cleaning wand. However, it is pretty hard to get the handle off.
  • The hose itself is pretty short and if you want to vacuum the ceiling / wall corner (I’m 5’8″) you have to hold the vacuum off the floor in one hand and the hose in the other, and it just barely reaches.
  • Power cord comes out near the bottom of the canister and can become easily tangled.
  • Canister is small. We have to empty it a little more frequently than larger units, but as a touchup vacuum this isn’t a real problem.

Our Opinion

The Hoover Sprint QuickVac Bagless Upright Vacuum (UH20040) suffices as an ideal cleaner for small homes. The fact that it has minimal suction loss doesn’t make it more appealing to large homes since the dirt cup is very small. However, for small homes, it’s one of the best (though not perfect) vacuum cleaners you can get your hands on, affordably.

It’s important to know that the canister is small and with smaller canisters, you will be emptying out more frequently if you have a bigger room. With that being said, the Hoover Sprint QuickVac (UH20040) is a perfect vacuum for the apartment, studio, single room, automobile among others.

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Hoover Sprint QuickVac (UH20040) Vacuum Review
Hoover Sprint QuickVac (UH20040) Vacuum Review
$5.41 $6.25
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