Ivation Digital Kitchen Food Scale Review

Food scales have never been essential to our daily cooking as they are now, considering that they provide a perfect way to maintaining our lifestyles on a daily basis. They provide a great way of monitoring our daily calorie intake.

If you’ve been using an analog food scale, perhaps, its time you upgraded to Ivation’s Digital Kitchen Food Scale, as it offers more accurate displays and is more intuitive to use. This digital scale by Ivation gives you the accuracy you’d need from a simple kitchen scale.

Product Highlights

  • Sturdy, Lightweight Plastic Housing
  • Easy-Press Plastic-Covered Buttons
  • Large, Clear Digital Display
  • 5” x 5.5” Weighing Surface
  • Accurate One-Touch Tare Function
  • Weight Capacity: 5kg/11lbs.
  • Graduation: 1g
  • Dimensions: 7.75” x 5.75” x 1.75”
  • Source: 2 x AAA Battery
  • Alerts: Low Battery, Weight Overload
  • Operating Temperature: 50°F to 104°F

It is made of a very light profile, but the design is impressive, and it does look good on our kitchen top. It allows you weigh everything from a couple grams of herbs to a few pounds off a chunk of meat. A simple button on the front of the unit lets you select precise readings of ounces, milliliters and grams. Plus, the covered, easy-press buttons and sturdy one-piece plastic housing wipe suffices for easy and quick cleanup.

Using the Digital Food Scale

When using a container etc., to weigh another object, you want to know the exact weight of the object without the container’s added weight. The Ivation Digital Kitchen Food Scale has a great tare function to accomplish just that. Start by placing the empty container on the weighing surface.

The display will show you that empty weight. Press the power button, and the weight reading will go down to “0”, effectively adjusting the measuring guide. Proceed to place the object into the container or plate, and thus get an accurate net weight reading.

We like

  • It’s big enough (8″x6″ – usable space for weighing is about 5″x5″) to accommodate the kind of containers and foods you’re likely to weigh for cooking, but small enough to store away easily.
  • It is accurate-it is spot-on for all the weights that we have tried.
  • The scale also displays weights in ounces, pounds, and milliliters.
  • The scale does have a tare function which works very well.
  • The scale is powered by two AAA batteries with an extra set which will last you for a long period.
  • It takes very little space to store
  • It is easy to clean and has a large display.
  • The scale is ready to use as you pick it no calibration is needed.
  • This scale is affordable to many.

We’d like it more if

  • It came with an automatic turn off function and display memory to avoid running down the battery.
  • The display memory is a feature on higher end scales that will freeze the display of the last weight until you clear it.

Our opinion

The Ivation Digital Kitchen Food Scale is a smart choice if all you need an easy and convenient way to weigh food and to determine portion sizes. Having this food scale at your kitchen means less cooking hassles. You will enjoy faster cooking as this device offers faster conversion rates and instant tare. It is clean looking and matches any decor. It is easily readable. It is washable with a sponge. All these make it a recommendable choice, although it isn’t the best in the market, but it does suffice for any budget buyer, and it gets the work done.

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Ivation Digital Kitchen Food Scale Review
Ivation Digital Kitchen Food Scale Review
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