Blackstone 1554 Burner Grill Review

The Blackstone 1554 Burner Grill was designed to be practical, usable, and easy to maintain while delivering the best grilling experience around. Most of these low-priced large Grills look less than great, but people buy them because they can feed the whole family and half the block for less than half of what would usually be paid for a huge Grill. They allow people on a budget to feel like they aren’t budgeting. The four wheels are pretty sturdy so will be durable.

What we liked about it

    • The Set-Up is very easy
    • A big 720 square inches of cooking space here
    • The food tastes wonderfully good and on a surface this large
    • The Grill can be easily removed when you want to use the Griddle

What we didn’t like about it

    • The Grease Drainage isn’t connected

Our opinion

With its price tag this is an amazing grill. It has a huge cooking surface with a great design, it produces wonderful food and has a whole lot of power. It is true the Blackstone let themselves with the Grease problem and it would be understandable if some people chose other options instead, but on our honest view once you’ve got a Griddle Cleaner and something to go underneath the Grill, you’ll own one of the best value Grills on the market.

Best Prices Today

Blackstone 36 inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill Griddle Station - 4-burner - Propane Fueled - Restaurant Grade - Professional Quality - With NEW Accessory Side Shelf and Rear Grease Management System
as of December 8, 2023 7:47 pm

Blackstone 1554 Burner Grill Review
Blackstone 1554 Burner Grill Review
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